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About our Trips

Full day or half day? Fishing or exploring? We have you covered. Learn about the types of trips we offer. 

Grand Cayman Private Excursion Boat Fishing Charter.jpg

Private Excursion

Enjoy the freedom of a private charter and explore each destination at your own pace and in luxury. private excursions normally consist of 3 to 6 stops depending on the duration of the trip. Cayman offers many different attractions all within a arms react.

  1. Visit the World Famous Stingray City and interact with wild stingrays in crystal clear water. 

  2. Snorkel Caymans Barrier reefs 

  3. Take a photo with starfish at Star Fish Point while enjoying the calm waters of the Caribbean. 

  4. Relax in the crystal clear waters of rum point will enjoying a drink

  5. Lunch stop are always welcome after working up an appetite on the water. There are a few dock side/ Beach side restraurannts to grab some food and drinks.

  6. Enjoy the sunset or the famous bioluminescence bay on extended evening trips.

Fishing Excursion

Cayman offers a truly unique fishing experience as the pelagic species of fish are caught within 2 miles of the shoreline which makes it a great destination for experienced and novice anglers.

Cayman hosts a broad range of species such as Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Tuna, Barracuda And many other species of bottom fish. We offer a range of fishing techniques from Trolling, Drifting, jigging, bottom fishing and electric deep dropping.

All of our boats are well equipt and have different advantages depending on fishing styles and quantity of people. Full day charters are proven to be more successful do to plenty of fishing time.

we will prepare your catch on board or clean it for you to take to numerous local restraunts 

Grand Cayman Private Excursion Boat Fishing Charter.jpg
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